Adventure awakens the soul

Join us this December


We are Seakher


Seakher is a women's retreat for those with a passion to engage with
the ocean.

A love for chasing adventure around the world, paired with the wandering, idealistic minds of two close friends is what
sparked Seakher.

Much like the two dreamt, the reality of a Seakher retreat is to connect, engage and empower women through a unique experience of warm water surfing and rejuvenating yoga.


Ocean Guide / Eulalie Ciszek
Mindfulness Facilitator / Gina Minardi
Yoga Instructor / Kelly Quintia


Upcoming Retreat

We're taking bookings for our December 12th-19th session
at Haramara, Sayulita, Mexico.


Seakher offers a seven-day Women's Mindfulness retreat with adventure at its core. Our goal is to disconnect from many of life's daily distractions and routines, to reconnect with one's true self.

Whether sliding in the sea, or through engaging in rhythmic Qoya dance we aim to awaken your inner self.